8 Fashion Rules Every Cyclist Must Consider

There are sets of dressing rules to follow in any sport you get yourself involved in, so also is cycling. Therefore, to avoid being the odd one while cycling, it is advisable to follow the dressing rules that come with cycling; else a fashion disaster might occur.

Furthermore, to look professional and be a master of the two-wheel drive, there are some professional fashion rules every cyclist should know and imbibe.

1. Shave Your Hairy Legs

Having hairy legs might be awesome but definitely not for a cyclist. If you want to take cycling as an exercise, you should consider shaving your hairy leg; else you may make your riding a strenuous one.

Having a shaven leg will help to have easy access to clean any gravel that might be lingering on your skin and also show how toned and tanned your muscles are.

2. Placing Shorts Over Leggings

Another common mistake most newbies make is trying to incorporate the dressing style worn by footballers into cycling. Wearing short is certainly not acceptable in cycling because it will only portray you as an unserious cyclist who doesn’t know what cycling entails.

In cycling, it is imperative to put fashion aside, to avoid looking like a clown and put on the necessary wears required of you as a cyclist.

3. Make Your Underwear More Fashionable

Most newbies in cycling do not always see it as a duty to know the rules and regulation attached to cycling before venturing into it. Although, wearing underwear under Lycra may appear to be immodest and unfashionable, but paying attention to fashion will not have any effect on an on-bike comfort.

Though having an extra layer of the fabric means an increase in comfort, but this doesn’t apply to cycling. Therefore, you should consider ditching your pant and using good short which will make your experience in cycling worthwhile and also increase your on-bike comfort.

4. Avoid Having a Mismatch Between Team Kit and Bike

One important thing to avoid as a cyclist is a mismatch between your team kit and bike to avoid being scorn by regular roadies. A recent study shows that middle-aged men in Lycra known as MAMILs, as find a replacement for golf through cycling and their involvement in the world of cycling has led to a rise in cycling.

However, one mistake made by MAMIL is in the procurement of their kit and bike. MAMILs are known for buying any shiny bikes they lay their hands on without putting into consideration whether they match their kits or not.

Hence, try as much as possible to avoid this, for you not to appear odd out of your cyclists’ counterpart.

5. Baggies Are Not for All Riders

This is mostly directed to mountain bikers. Though baggy shorts are worn mainly by off-road riders because it is the perfect fit, this is not true for bikers that are involved in road cycling. A tight-hugging kit is the most suitable for road cyclists.

Though this may make you look strange, but it’s better to make your comfortability a top priority.

6. Your Cycling Kit Is Not a Casual Wear

Another thing worthy to note when it comes to fashion in cycling is knowing the fact that your cycling kit should always remain as one and shouldn’t be put on as normal gear. One common thing amongst cyclist nowadays is seeing their cycling kit as causal wear which they can wear as they deem fit.

However, this is doesn’t speak well of you as a professional cyclist, and you must not be found guilty of such.

7. Know the Kind of Shoes that Are Most Suitable for You as A Cyclist

Another essential fashion aide is in the type of shoes you wear as a cyclist. You should know that mountain bike shoes are entirely different from off-road shoes. So, to portray yourself as a professional cyclist, you must be able to differentiate the difference between the two clearly and know the type of shoe to opt for based on the kind cyclist you are.

8. Consider Wearing Short Socks Rather than Long Socks

It is much easier to get oil off your bare legs than on socks. However, most cyclists do not always follow this as it has become a trending thing in the cycling world of today to put on long socks.

But this might not be the best since you will be stained by the oil on your bike’s chain. So why not put on short socks, to avoid going through unnecessary stress and it can also be a way of showing that your perfect calf muscles and calf-tattoo.

Cycling is an interesting sport if you can follow the rules and regulation guiding it especially the fashion rules that need to be adhered to give you the maximum comfort as a cyclist.

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