5 Everyday Bike Hacks Every Rider Should Know

Learning mountain bike tricks are surefire ways to overcome obstacles on the trail and show off your biking skills. Common to experienced bikers, you’ll find them with an extensive collection of tricks at their disposals. Whenever they are faced with obstacles while commuting, riders must find an alternative on that same spot to power and move through the trail.

To novice rider, you’ll be comfortable to point out the fact that tricks are overwhelming. While many think that you need to spend several hours on the trail to master those hacks, you can practice and perfect these skills anywhere. Instead of braving the unknown, you can improve your skills as a new rider even from the comfort of your own backyards.

Here, we’ve put together a list of mountain bike hacks you should know. With this few tips, you can learn to step up your overall skills.

1. Ultimate Degrease

One of the things that afflict every cyclist is stains of grease on clothing. And you’ll likely be more affected if you are wearing a white jersey. It may interest you note that the best dish soap could help with even bikes grease. Heck, the Fairy soap produced in Australia and the United Kingdom is a soap of choice that can rescue you after oil spills.

If you have accidentally wiped your hands on that your white jersey after taking care of your dropped bike chain, you can apply some Dawn or Fairy to pre-treat just like you would do with a regular stain remover. After you are done with that, you can throw in the wash. Voila, your jersey will come out as good as new.  

2. Print Ain’t Dead (Yet)

Fixing your wet legs into your damp shoes after a ride is a pretty gross feeling. And yeah, some shoes just appears to take forever to dry. In order to accelerate the process, remove the footbeds, and stuck the inner part of your shoes with crumpled up newspapers. The papers will absorb quite a bit of water. So, endeavor to change it after a while.

3. Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all

A flat tire can ruin an awesome ride in a twinkle of an eye. What’s so embarrassing is to stop to discover that there is a presence of giant gash in casing or sidewall of your tire. As many don’t carry a second tire while cycling, the situation often ends in an SOS call to a significant friend or other people closeby.

However, dollar bill significantly makes temporary tire patches specifically “plasticky” like that of the Australian notes. If you run out of funds at the time of puncture, energy bar wrappers are also great.

4. Save that Valve Cap

When replacing a tire, many tend to forget the plastic valve cap present on the fresh inner tube, but you should remember to always hang on to it as it might be a lifesaver whenever you are in a tight situations

If you cut off the top, you can still make use of the cap as a Makeshift Presta to Schrader valve converter. This isn’t perfect, but you can make use of this little hack for the air compressor at your local gas station. Specifically, you can make use of them in a situation where you had flat out on while on the road, and you couldn’t get your tires topped off with your CO2 canisters or mini pumps. Interestingly, it is also extremely cheaper than a proper Presta or Schrader converter.

5. Powdered Laundry Detergent for Your Hands

After a thorough clean-up of your bike, there is no doubt that your hands will probably be darker than the lungs of a coal miner. The worse situation is leaving your greasy black fingerprints on everything you touch. No matter the extent you scrub, you’ll still find the presence of remnants of drivetrain gunk under your nails and on your hands.

There is usually a solution to get clean again. And that’s a powdered laundry detergent. Grab a pinch of powdered laundry detergent before you head to the sink after cleaning your drivetrain. And guess what? Your hands will come out sparkling clean.

So, now that you know the bike hacks you need to get started, prepare your bike and ride away! And if you’re looking for a cool summer project, thinking of creating your own bamboo bike with Bamboobee!

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