5 Amazing Photography Tips for Cyclists

Some unique feelings come with being a cyclist that can’t be traded for anything. Though people take up cycling based on various reasons yet, this doesn’t still negate the fact that cycling is one best way to enjoy the feelings of freedom and exhilaration.

Every cyclist whether they take up cycling probably to stay fit, explore new places, or to lose weight, always nurse the feelings of recording their adventure. However, recording adventure in this context goes beyond taking pictures of surrounding things but also extends to taking motion pictures while on their bikes and taking the pictures of their cyclist companion.

As such, we have come up with 5 amazing photography tips which will aid cyclist in taking these seemingly appealing pictures.

1. Planning Rides for Photography

Exploring new roads is always a fun thing for cycling adventurers without having a preplanned map in place. This may be fun, but it is advisable always to have something which will serve as a guide.

There are some bikes which are capable of navigation. Some will generate a route for you while some will have a feature where you can load a route into in the form of GPX or TCX. In a case you don’t have this kind of bike; you should consider looking for other means to get the map to be on a safer side.

2. Your Camera Choices as A Cyclist

The kind of camera to be used in taking pictures as a cyclist varies; therefore, it is imperative to know the kind of camera that’ll work best for you. Most cyclists desire a compact, high quality and light camera which can fit perfectly in their jersey pocket and some even used a smartphone for this because they want something that they can take with them anywhere. Although photographers in the cycling world prefer cameras with a bigger sensor and higher quality image for them to achieve their desired image result.

However, as a professional cyclist, there are some ideal cameras you might want to consider;

Mountain cyclist should opt for cameras that are not weighty and has a large sensor since you wouldn’t want to compound your cycling exercise by adding a weighty camera to the loads you have.

While road bikers, on the other hand, do not need to place much importance on the weight a camera holds but should consider its ruggedness since you might be dealing with loads of wind coming your way.

Overall, going for a quality lens, large sensor, and a high-quality camera should be your main priority as a cyclist.

3. Bike Preparation

To get the best of photography, you need to prepare your bike for the pictures by doing the following:

  • Make sure to level your bike’s saddle
  • Remove any excess tube from your steerer tube
  • Clear all lingering bidons from their cages before you take the pictures
  • Ensure the seat is leveled.
  • Fix matching tires
  • Consider buying clean gum wall tires
  • Let the color of your handlebar tape and saddle be uniform
  • Saddlebags should be removed for the photo.
  • Tighten your pedal cranks to the chain.
  • Install matching tires

4. Background and Layout

Another thing to take into contemplation is the background and layout. To have a good quality picture, you must ensure that your background complements your bike’s color and also keep your composition as simple as you can.

To keep your background in perfect shape, endeavor to pay attention to every detail and remove any unwanted that may want to disrupt the beauty of the background.

5. Cycling Effort and Its Effect on Creativity

Rides with a relaxed pace are more conducive to taking photos than those where the cyclist is barely able to converse.

The rate at which cyclist take pictures often differs. For example, a professional cyclist wouldn’t as many pictures as a touring cyclist, since a professional cyclist main motive is to training to increase their endurance, speed and strength rate so wouldn’t have the time to take many pictures.

Touring cyclist, on the other hand, will always make maximum use of this by taking different better positioning photos since their main motive is not about performance which gives them much time to admire their surroundings.

Pictures to be taken are always limitless when riding a bike since there are different things to take its pictures. But the most important thing is to enjoy your cycling and photography because the two goes hand in hand and help to balance exercise with creativity.

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