5 Ways Cycling Changes Your Body

Generally, cycling is regarded as one of the effective low impact ways to stay fit and healthy. Undoubtedly, you’ll gain a countless number of health benefits, including decreased body fats, increasing strength and endurance and so forth. Cycling does not only involve the legs but incorporates other parts of the upper body such as chest, triceps, biceps, and shoulder for stabilization and maneuver of performances.

Obviously, there are a countless number of reasons why you need to go out and ride that bicycle. For many, improvement in fitness and weight loss is one of the reasons to cycle, but for others, the inspiration, and professional thrill of the ride is what interests them. If you adopt the habit of cycling even if for an hour per day, you’ll find out numerous ways in which cycling changes your body. Check out some of these ways here.

1. Increased Leg Strength

With low cadence as well as high resistance, you’ll achieve an increase in the strength of your legs. Simply put, cadence refers to the level in which your pedals are rotating. However, if you are aiming at increasing the strength of your legs, you should make use of cadence between 80 revolutions per minutes. For instance, if you are using an 18-speed bike, you can increase the gear up till the fourth level. You need to make it high because the highest gear is located by the pedals and it should be on the fourth gear level because it is outward when you check from the rear wheel.

2. Decreases Body Fats

Cycling helps to shed a lot of calories. In some cases, it ranges up to 500 minutes of riding. This will eventually amount to weight loss while also creating a potential calorie deficit. This simply implies that you consume about 2,500 calories per day and you burn 500 calories or more which will leave you with 2000 calories. And yes, this is what your body will utilize throughout your day to day activities. This burning of calories will also revert to burning fat in exchange for energy. Analytically, 3,500 calories are required to make 1 lb. So, if you shed about 500 deficit per day, you’ll definitely shed about 1 lb. at the end of the week.

3. Cycling Improves Mental Well-being

Several research studies have proven that people who engage in cycling and other lifestyle activities that bring about being physically active had a wellbeing score of 32% higher when compared with the inactive ones.

There are numerous ways in which cycling can boost your mind. Cycling activities stimulate the release of endorphins and adrenalin. This contributes to an improvement in confidence accompanied by achieving new things.

Apart from that, cycling also combines both physical exercises with being outdoors and exploring new views. You could decide to ride on your own providing you with the required time to get away with concerns or worries. You could also choose to ride in groups with other people. And indeed, this helps to widen your social circle.


4. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer

Cycling increases the rate of heartbeats and also stimulates the pumping of blood all across the body. Apart from that, it reduces your risk of being overweight by helping you burn some calories. As a result, cycling is considered one of the healthy ways of cutting your risk of developing major illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases.

According to a recent research study conducted at the University of Glasgow, over 260,000 individuals were examined for five years. Evidence from the research reveals that cycling can cut off a cycler’s risk of developing heart diseases and cancer in about half.

5. Cycling Saves Your Time

You could compare these three experiences:

  • Getting in the car, faced with traffic, long queues to get into the car park, making payments at the park, and arriving your destination
  • Trek to a bus stop, wait a while for a bus to pick you, complain about the lateness of bus before getting to the bus stop, get in the bus and make payments, sit and watch as you move pass round-the-houses, arrive your destination which is about half a mile from your bus stop
  • Get on your bicycle, filter and bypass traffics, lock the bike and arrive

You could observe that short journeys have a significant impact on global population levels. And you could also see that it saves you some time compared to other means aside bikes. You’ll also conserve some bucks of dollars on petrol or cash meant to pay at public transports.

In short, cycling is one of the incredibly social sport. Joining a cycling group or club will afford you all of the benefits we’ve discussed earlier. And if you are new to riding bicycles, you’ll definitely find all maintenance and training advice among your peers. So go on, ride your bike!

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