5 Upgrades You Need for Better Bike Performance

Riding your bike more consistently and with more focus and effective upgrades are sure to increase the overall performance of the bike. Such bike upgrades come in all sizes and shapes, from something small like bar tape to a huge upgrade such as a set of wheels.

Either way, adding a new component to your bike can be extremely rewarding in the long run. It definitely improves the aesthetics of your bike and offers it the ‘pro’ appearance. There are numerous improvements that will make your bike stand out on the road. We have detailed some for you in this article to make purchasing simple.

Suspension upgrades

Suspensions are an integral element of the machine as it’s what makes sure that the tires stay in contact with the road. The latest and effective suspensions will efficiently change your bike’s handling characteristics for the better, as well as improving how the bike handles imperfections on the road, ultimately meaning better and more predictable traction across all areas of your riding. Another advantage of suspension is the greater degree of adjustment it offers, allowing you to more precisely tailor the bike to you. 


It is important to understand that a saddle can either make or break a ride. You can easily improve your comfort and advance your performance with ergonomically designed saddles developed to be body-type sensitive and lightweight. The modern comfort-standard models nowadays are devised to fix numbness, offer adequate support, and decrease joint pressure for the most comfortable cycling experiences in all kinds of environments. 

Cycling lenses for improved vision 

When you’re cycling through rough trails or cruising via a treacherous path, having a good vision is crucial to your convenience and safety. As a rider, you must make sure to equip yourself with the perfect pair of lenses that perform crucial functions like advance contrast, decrease glare, and lessen warp. Go for glasses that are developed for optimal wind protection, basically, the one that protects the face perfectly. This will make sure that the glasses do not require constant adjustment and won’t slip while riding. 

Data tacking 

It is a very effective habit to always track your ride with a data-tracking device. Measuring your ride output and observing a pattern from the available data can tell you which aspects of your training must be improved. These gadgets are able to analyze individual rides and compare them with own personal ride history and offer statistics. They even use the power of the internet to connect with other riders, compare virtual data, and other vital features, and be actively used as a safety measure. 

Efficient bar tape 

This is the best way to trick yourself into thinking that you have a novel road bike because handlebars are always in front of you as you look down while biking. Re-covering handlebars with a fresh layer of tape certainly offers a confidence boost, also, it can even fool you into thinking that you just purchased a new bike for yourself. 

Right now, online is the best place to purchase these gears if you really desire to find the best for your money. So, the next time you shop for your bike gears, connect with BambooBee. We set out designs from the ground up, develop bike kits and guides easily available and enable you to access a platform of effective tips and tricks.

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