Lazy ways to be a better rider and cycle faster

We all like to be lazy sometimes and get our work done easily without much hard work or strength and that’s absolutely okay. We all deserve it. But as a rider, you must use your lazy skills to ride better and faster. The advantages of cycling are almost as endless as the country lanes you could soon be adventuring.

If you’re lazy when it comes to cycling, then we have detailed some shortcuts that you can follow to bring your cycling performance up without investing too much effort. It is also prudent to mention that the most efficient means to get fast on the cycle is by undertaking some training.

Keep your hands down for faster speed 

As a cyclist, you must pay attention to the importance of your position on the cycle. It is essential to know that moving your hands from the brake hoods into the drops gains more speed at no extra effort. 

Sleep adequately 

Cycling acts as a perfect excuse to ditch the chores and doze off early. That’ll help your body recover and leave you feeling energized. This will ultimately enable you to give a better performance on the bike. Instead of setting a routine alarm to hit training, maybe once a week the extra time in bed will pay off and benefit you towards your performance goals. 

Ride slow 

After a fast training ride, recovery rides are absolutely beneficial to a rider and can be used to develop a well-balanced program. Recovery rides never create training stress and benefit in flushing blood through the legs to eradicate the toxins left over from heavy training. 

Go for a balanced nutrition 

This doesn’t mean that you need to cut down on certain food items. But you may have to change the quality of the foods that you consume. This may start by including less sugary foods and many more veggies. Consuming adequate healthy food items the 48 hours before a big ride can revolutionize your overall performance. If you don’t maintain a healthy diet, you’ll only risk giving yourself stomach problems. 

Breaks are a must 

If you have a tight schedule for training, then a relaxing break can really do you some good in the adventure to cycle faster. The period of rest offers your body the time it requires to adequately recover both mentally and physically. So, it is essential to mention that rest can definitely inspire you to train and perform better, and also refresh the perspective.  

In this busy world, cycling is considered to be an incredibly sociable sport. Bike riding raises your heart rate and gets the blood pumping around the body, along with burning calories, and limiting the chances of being overweight. Now if you’re lazy and you still desire to enhance your biking skills, connect with BambooBee. We have the best bicycle for you in-store. We aim to offer you custom bamboo bicycles for the joy of cycling and the satisfaction of developing your own bamboo bike from scratch in less than 3 days.

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