You probably can’t count the number of times you’ve had to visit the bike repair guy for a minor problem and might have wished for some hacks to help yourself in those times of need.   

That is the reason why are excited to present you with some hacks that will definitely save you during times of need:

Chain holder

Chain maintenance can be quite problematic. But there’s nothing to worry about. If you need a replacement for a chain holder, find a wire coat hanger in your house. Cut 12-18 cms of the wire or however long you need, bend the ends with pliers and use it as a chain holder.  Hook it in place and we assure you that it’ll serve the purpose. Don’t forget to get it fixed though!

Chain cleaner

Cleaning the chains of your bike can be a very messy job. You need to give it a chain bath well but chances are you might not. In such cases, find an old toothbrush lying around in the house. Tape two together with a spacer (you can use a pen for this) and get cleaning! It cleans your chain well, but also make sure that you don’t use that toothbrush to brush your teeth!

Roadside repair gloves

Punctures can happen anywhere and mostly they seem to occur while you’re on the road. It can also happen that you have to repair something on the side of the road but don’t want to get your hands dirty. An easy hack for this is to stuff disposable latex gloves into your handlebars. Use them and keep your hands nice and clean while doing your roadside repairs. Since they weigh under 5 grams, you might even forget that they are there! Protect your bar tape and clothes with this very simple hack.

Chain whip

If you want to change your cassette but you don’t own a chain whip, worry not. An old inner tube wrapped around the cassette can provide the extra grip needed to remove the cassette locking.

Tar/oil remover

Removing tar and oil from your bike can be a very messy job.  Stubborn grease spots don’t go away easily. Citrus based ‘goo remover’ type products are a good method of removing tough tar stains. Put a little on a clean cloth and damp the area first. A few rubs and the job will be done. Tougher stains require some more time but these products will ensure the complete removal of any oil stains with ease.

Rotor shield

If you’re spraying a lube near disc rotors, avoid getting it on the disc rotor/pad as that can affect the braking performance. A takeaway pizza box lid is ideal for making a protective layer for the rotor. A 12-inch pizza box lid works best in this case.

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