9 Reasons Why Commuting by Bike Is Surprisingly Brilliant

Biking to your work can be proved to be more productive, appealing, and highly beneficial to your body and lifestyle. Today where the roads are getting jammed with an increasing number of cars, delays, and strikes, cycling is much more advantageous and will make sure that you reach your office without any hurdles.

So, here are 9 reasons why commuting by bicycle is surprisingly brilliant and why people should do it more often:  

1. Your bike is the best alternative

Public transports are usually prone to strikes and cycling to your work will be the best choice as a well-kept and right equipped bike will easily help you reach in time during strikes. 

2. An exercise in disguise

Instead of traveling in an overcrowded bus or waiting in your cars for the traffic to get clear, you can cycle to your work and also meet your daily workout goals. Cycling will help you become healthier and active in your lifestyle.

3. Bike for hire

If you don’t own a bike and happen to live near a cycle hire scheme then you don’t need to worry at all. Bikes are now available for hire which means now anybody from a commuter to a tourist can enjoy riding a bike. There’s more, thanks to the docking stations you don’t have to ride all the way to work and can change your transport accordingly to arrive fresh at the office.

4. People get quicker when you cycle more

Contrary to the opinion that cyclists get in your way or cause delays, if people who travel short distances opted for a more environmentally friendly transport such as bicycles or share a car then the amount of traffic can be reduced substantially which will allow the people reach their destination quickly.

5. Incentives for bikers

If you are looking to cut costs, cycle your way to a smaller tax bill as there are various bike hire schemes today which provides a variety of incentives that will help you manage your finances.

6. No more phone distractions

As technology advances every day, people are spending more and more time on their devices distorting their sleep cycle, but this is won’t be an issue while cycling because unless you are careless about your own safety, it’s not likely for people to check their phone constantly. The time on the bike will give you a break from this fast-moving life to make the most of it.

7. Anticipate your commute time

If you have been cycling for quite some time now, you will be able to easily anticipate your commute time and avoid heavy traffic jams. Also, remember to start a little early to reach your office safely and on time.

8. Explore your city to the fullest

There is no better way to explore your neighborhood and the city than cycling around the quiet streets and discovering new places to see and eat. Through cycling, you can come across the gems of the city you dint know existed.

9. Keeps you warm during winters

Cycling into work during winters is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm during winters with good quality of clothing and appropriate equipment.

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