6 Tips: Bike Spring Clean

Whether it’s getting a polish or getting some new wheels, spring clean for your bike is important too! You’re lucky if you buy a new bike every season, but most riders make do with yearly sprucing up.

Here are ten tips to up your bike game for the best ride:

1. Wheels

What is a bike without wheels? It is the rider’s duty to ensure that their bike is fitted with the right kind of wheels. Lighter and stiffer wheels can transform a bike from a caddy to a race-car. Wider rims (23- 25 mm at the braking surface) provide extra comfort and lower rolling resistance when used with wider tires. Lighter, shallow aluminium rims can speed up your ride. A deeper carbon or a mix of carbon and aluminum can change the feel of your bike. You can try to a tubeless tech if you are thinking of buying new wheels.

2. Saddle

If you are thinking about your comfort, you should probably change your saddle. Eventually, the padding in the saddle gets a little flat and not as comfortable as it was. Maybe you would benefit from a wider saddle. Change your saddle and go in for some cool designs too.

3. Frame

If your parts and wheels are in good working condition that requires no changes, you can indulge in a new frame upgrade. It can happen that you just want a frame even if your current one is perfect and that’s okay. Before rushing into getting a frame, double-check the measurements. Make sure you correct any problems with your current frame. Get the size and go pick a sleek, cool new frame of your choice!

4. Bar Tape

Replacing your bar tape is an efficient way to make yourself feel like you got a new bike. Bar tapes can get a bit scruffy, a little flatter, and less cushioned. Replacing bar tapes is a good opportunity to think if the previous one was giving enough grip and comfort. Would you benefit from more tape? You can also go in a colored tape depending on the look of your bike.

5. Cassette & Chain

They say that a well- cleaned, well- oiled chain and cassette will last for a few good thousand miles. If you want to save money and increase efficiency, make sure you keep your drive train clean and lubricated. If it is completely worn out, you should go in for a replacement to avoid injury.

6. Bars & Stem

You mainly look at your bars and stem when you ride. How that looks and the comfort it provides is important to totally experience the bike. Replacing them is a neat way to trick yourself. As with most cycling upgrades, spending more an upgrade will most likely come with an increase in stiffness and weight reduction. A stem replacement is a great opportunity to make up for any faults with the previous one. You can change the length and get a longer or shorter one, as per need.

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