How to Enhance Your Cycling Game when In Quarantine

This quarantine can be very restricting when it comes to your outdoor work-out routine. But you can definitely use this time effectively to focus on your body and health. Here are some tips to help you up to your cycling game when in quarantine.

Improve Sleep Hygiene

Without the tedious 9-5 schedule and long hour keeping us up all night, now is a good time to get your sleep cycle back on track. Without having to wake up at the crack of dawn, many of us have the luxury of staying in bed for an extra hour. There is also a cut down in blue light surrounding us without a TV at night. If we sleep better, we also recover faster.

There’s no big mystery around how to improve sleep. For many, it comes down to eliminating distractions and exercising the discipline to follow through with a plan, much like a cycling training program.

  1. No caffeine before sleeping
  2. Avoid screens late at night, as the exposure to blue light disturbs your biorhythms
  3. Get some morning exercise in your schedule
  4. Consider natural supplements like magnesium, ashwagandha, or L-theanine to slow you down in the hours before bed


Build Your Core

The core is the most essential element of a cyclist. We often ignore this strength of ours and that’s how injuries occur. With extra time on your hands, you can work on your core by doing some core building exercises. Address the imbalance that has been caused due to all those skipped workouts and sleepless nights


Embrace the Downtime

If at the end of the day after all your chores you have no energy left to train, you can meditate or treat yourself with a good cycling movie or read one of those countless cycling books. Call your teammate you used to work out with and spend all your free time but don’t let the indoors get you down!


Boost Your Immune System

One of the most important things in today’s world is to have a good immunity system. Lowering stress levels and increasing sleep will help, so will optimal nutrition. It provides the required essentials it needs to ward off sickness. 

Deficiencies in protein and certain nutrients can result in a weakened immune system. Immune-boosting nutrients include vitamins A, C, E, and B6, along with magnesium, zinc, and iron. 

Healthy portions of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds, over sugar, and refined carbohydrates will help ensure you’re primed to fight off any microbes. 

It’s also important to drink plenty of fluid, something that will increase saliva production and that will fight off airborne germs saving you from deadly diseases.

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