How to Stay Motivated Through Lockdown

There can be a lot of reasons for races to be canceled or post poned. It could be a weather issue, an organization issue, or even a lockdown, it is difficult to stay motivated. Staying positive through these times will help us get through it faster. Here are a few tips to brave the indoors.


Modify Your Work Out

Change your goals and set your work- out routine accordingly. Your training should reflect your goals. It will be very difficult to keep fit and maintain your form. Spend your time in doing an extra exercise or an extra set. find some part of your body you were not focussing on and condition it. you may see results a little later than anticipated but you will be flexible and positive nevertheless. In the current situation, you will feel better coming out of this lock down if you are fit and healthy!

Set New Goals

When you have lots of time to give for your work out, change your goals. Set new goals, find a new routine, or just dedicate more time. It can be finding your core strength or learning how to properly do a plank. You can increase your flexibility and stamina. Adjusting and modifying your routine can help you stay excited through this long period of ambiguity. 

Up Your Game

Do you think you can add some fun to your routine by making it more challenging? Increase your routine by 1 set. do that plank for 30 seconds more or do more lunges. Whatever you pick, make sure you don’t over- do it and remain flexible. It’ll give your mind something to focus on while you work out and improve your immune system too!


Pull Your Friends 

We don’t meal in real life! Training on Zwift or other similar portals is a great way to catch up with friends and work out, just like you do in real life. FaceTime your mates, challenge them to new things, and complete those challenges together. 


Include Intervals

Make sure to include intervals in the middle of your work out. It does not do the body well to over work it. It will not only give you a bug physiological benefit, but it can also keep things interesting. After 30-60 minutes, it helps to make things interesting. It will make you work harder as well.

Work on Your Weaknesses

It is a blessing to have a long period to condition and work out. You can focus on your weaknesses and work on that one muscle that hurts every time or give more attention to your knee. Hit the equipment a little extra, do some yoga to help with immunity, and to work your spirit. There is a long list of things you can do besides work out to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy.


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