Build Your Own Bike Kit Bike Assembly Steps: Part One

Building your own bike may sound difficult – especially if you’ve never done it before. But it really doesn’t have to be!

With simple guides as found online, you can turn any hard task into a walk in the park. That includes putting together a bicycle frame! If you’re looking for the simplest way to complete your bike assembly, the best thing you can do is break it down into small, easy steps. So, let’s go!


Part One: How to Assemble your Build Your Own Bike Kit Frame

Step One – Lay Out Your Equipment

Gather the equipment included in your kit, as well as any additional materials.

Your equipment should include:

  • Bottom Bracket
  • Brake Cable Holders
  • Chainstay Bamboo Tube
  • Chainstay Tubes
  • Down Tube
  • Elastic Band
  • Electrical Tape
  • Head Tube
  • Hemp Rope
  • Instruction Manual
  • Left Dropout
  • Multi-Functional Sanding Tools
  • Right Dropout
  • Seat Tube
  • Seatstay Bamboo Tube
  • Seatstay Tubes
  • Thin Protective Film
  • Top Tube

Ideally, you’ll lay everything out in one large, tidy area. That way, you’ll have everything to hand when you need it – and won’t spend valuable time searching for elusive parts.


Step Two – Set up the MDF Frame Jig

  • Take a look at the parts of your MDF frame jig. You’ll notice that each one is assigned a number.
  • Use these numbers to attach the pieces in order to ensure it’s the right arrangement and shape for your bike frame.


Step Three – Add the Metal Parts to your Jig

  • Once the MDF frame jig is complete, your next step is to assemble the metal parts that attach to it.
  • Both the instruction manual and our helpful video at will show you where on the jig you need to attach each part.
  • Ensure that you’re attaching each part to the correct side of your frame jig.


Step Four – Arrange your Bamboo Tubes

  • Step four is to assemble your bamboo tubes. Once attached, your authentic bamboo bicycle will look a lot more complete!
  • As with attaching the metal parts, everything is clearly labelled to ensure you attach the right tubes to the right parts.


Step Five – Attach your Bike Wire to the Frame

  • Next, you’ll be attaching the bike wire to your newly made bike frame. This can be a little more fiddly as it’s smaller and thinner than large wooden tubes, but it’s not as difficult as you’d expect.
  • All you need to do is wrap the wire around the designated spots on your bike frame, as illustrated in your instruction manual and on our website.


Step Six – Prepare the Hemp Rope

  • Step six requires you to prepare your hemp fibre rope, as included in your Build Your Own Bike kit.
  • Measure the rope by comparing its size and length to your frame jig. Then, cut it to the appropriate size.
  • Next, soak it in configured epoxy glue.
  • After soaking, it will be ready to use to attach your frame’s joints together.


Step Seven – Wrap Up the Joints of your Frame

 After you’ve configured your glue and prepared the hemp rope, it’s time to wrap up the joints of your frame.

  • Simply wrap the hemp rope around the joints of your frame jig, ensuring they are well attached and secure.
  • If you’re unsure how to do this, a video will be your best bet as you’ll be able to see the process in action.
  • After making sure, you’ve got your wrapping method down, wrap each of the designated joints, which will be outlined in your instruction manual.
  • Then, leave them to set – easy!

By this point, your bike frame will look almost complete, but remember not to move it around too much until the epoxy glue has set.


Step Eight – Finish up Your Frame!

It’s now time to complete your frame – you’ve done a great job!

  • Gently remove all protective film from your frame. Once removed, you’ll get to see the great looking bamboo underneath.
  • Be sure to sand off any sharp edges or splints, as well as removing any left over cable ties.

Once these small steps are taken care of, you’ll be ready to move on.


So there you have it, a set of eight easy steps (and sub-steps) to go from a variety of parts to a bike frame that’s ready for the next step. Soon, you’ll have a fully capable bike ready to take on all your adventures!


If you prefer a more visual form of instruction, check out our videos on the best Bamboobee Tips and Tricks. You’ll find all sections here:

From watching the videos, you’ll have an even clearer idea of what goes where and how to attach each part securely, resulting in a well-made bamboo bicycle you’ll be excited to show off to the world.

But the bike building fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve completed the steps to assemble your bike frame, it’s time to start adding your bicycle parts – as found in the Build It Yourself Bicycle Parts Kit – sold separately for $169.99 from Bamboobee.


In part two, we’ll cover what these parts do and how to attach them to your newly built bicycle frame, so don’t forget to check back soon! This is the part in which you’ll get to add a saddle, wheel mounts, pedals and more. Essentially, it turns ‘just a frame’ into a real, functional bike that you can use.

For now, keep on enjoying our content at We hope it leads you to purchase your own Bamboobee bamboo bicycle!

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