How to Ride into a Headwind – 6 Top Tips

Riding your bicycle in heavy winds can be a difficult task because headwind creates extra resistance, similar to what it takes to ride up a hill. The difference is that you can gradually see the hill end, but the headwind will keep on continuing until you stop or change your bike direction. Heavy winds have the potential to wreck any ride. It makes you feel cold, breaks your energy and can easily slow you to a crawl. Thus, instead of allowing mother nature to extract the best out of you, use these tricks to stay on the path positively and make your ride less of a drag when the heavy breeze blows in. 

Ride with people 

In most normal situations, cycling behind another rider can save you nearly 30% of energy consumption. Whereas, in windy situations, the advantages are greater. It would be prudent to ride with a friend and take turns at the front by changing positions every 40 to 60 seconds. By following short turns and rotating through the positions you can empower yourself to share the workload. 

Check the forecast and plan accordingly 

If the forecast indicates that you might face strong winds, it would be prudent to plan a better route to minimize the effects. Look for a sheltered alternative path traversing the wind direction for better riding. Receiving the worst bit out of the way first, while you are energetic and fresh is always best. 

Use the direction of the wind 

Strategizing a route that helps to use the wind in a positive means can be really beneficial. Ride out into the headwind so that you have relished the tailwind on the way back home. Make the wind your friend and prefer riding in the direction that benefits your energy. 

Be careful in the situation of crosswinds 

In crosswinds, you’ll be forced to lean right or left in order to ride in a straight easy line. Make sure to be careful when huge trucks or cars pass you when there are strong crosswinds since these vehicles will fleetingly block the wind and indirectly force you to steer in the direction you’re leaning. 

In a situation, when you’re riding downhill in a crosswind, ensure that you continue to pedal to maintain balance at a later phase. It is more difficult to steer, and pedaling will benefit you in maintaining your balance. Make sure that you keep your hands and elbows relaxed to prevent oversteering. 

Go slower 

You need to maintain a peaceful state of mind if you desire to drive efficiently in a headwind situation. Make sure that you don’t get frustrated by your lack of speed in riding during windy conditions by gearing down and taking it easy. Riding in a strong headwind is very similar to riding up a hill. If you go too hard while maintaining your speed on the route, you’ll only tire yourself with no effective results. It would be prudent to use the chance to practice spinning at a higher cadence. 

Wear the right kind of clothes 

Fitting clothes will create less drag so it’s best to go for a jacket that keeps you warm and is absolutely fitting. Loose-fitting clothes act as a parachute in the strong winds which can make you slower while riding the bicycle. Making sure that you have the accurate gear on yourself will always leave a huge impact on your riding performance. A perfect windproof jacket can absolutely benefit you from getting cold, as can a neck warmer and effective heavy gloves. 

The good part about the headwind is that it won’t always be in your face. When the heavy breeze is behind you, sit up and let the back steer the ride. Allow the wind to work in your favor so that your ride can be as effortless as possible. This is the reward for all the effort and strength it took when you were required to pedal against it. So, make sure it’s worth it. Always train your mind when riding into the headwind. Half the battle when you face a headwind is in your head. Always remember that the struggle is the wind, not you. Make sure you smartly decide the effective course of action based on the weather conditions. 

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