The Most Common Causes of Bicycle Crashes

It can be reassuring to think that a bike crash will never occur to you. And maybe you will be lucky in avoiding it but it is prudent to comprehend that bike crashes are more common that individuals think. Riding at high speed can be an exhilarating experience but if you do not follow basic safety protocols or do not remain attentive, then cycling can be quite dangerous. To benefit you in staying safe on the road while cycling, below mentioned are some of the common causes of cycling crashes and ways to be safe on the road.

Poor weather and road conditions

Sudden bad weather and road conditions are two common causes of bicycle crashes. Damaged roads make it very tricky to take turns and brake, while storms or heavy fog can reduce cyclist visibility and increase the odds of an accident occurring. Bikers should always make an effort to make sure that the sidewalks, paths, streets, and roads on which they ride their bicycle, are well-maintained, even, with no potholes, obstructions and loose pavements, etc. 

Bad road conditions make it very dangerous for cyclists, who prefer to ride at relatively high speeds with very little protective gear. The more direct and steadier you are as a cyclist, the more likely you are to get across it safely. Along with head injuries and broken bones, being hit by a vehicle can actually cause a cyclist to fly off their bicycle, increasing the peril of even more serious harm. 

Inattentive rider 

Inattentive cycle riders and motorists who never pay attention to their surroundings are one of the most significant dangers of bicycle crashes. Being hit by a car or truck that drifts into the bike lane with the intention to overtake can definitely lead to a shocking death or injury. 

Bike riders are often in danger of being hit when vehicle drivers make their turns, or when they fail to stop and initiate a rear-end accident. Rear-end accidents are the most common cause of bicycle accidents that may result in the rider’s death.   

Disobedience of traffic rules

Obeying traffic rules is always a must for both vehicle and cycle drivers. Disobeying traffic rules and running lights or stop signs pose noteworthy risks on the road while riding. Cyclists are more vulnerable as compared to vehicle drivers; thus, it is imperative that motorists must offer cyclists the benefit of the doubt at stop signs and intersections.  

How to make sure you don’t get injured while riding 

You must follow effective safety tips to minimize your chances of getting hurt in a serious bicycle crash.

  1. Always make sure to fit a rear bike light, as rear-end accidents are the most common kinds. 
  2. Use hand signals to alert the behind vehicles so that you don’t crash into them.
  3. Never forget to use a helmet and reflective gear. Lights and reflectors make your ride more visible on the road and helmets protect you from serious head damages. 
  4. Never wear headphones with loud music or other distractions while on the road.
  5. Always follow the traffic rules and stay on the right path when possible. 

Common bicycle crash injuries 

Bike crashes can cause injuries that can be both minor and major such as:

  1. Fractures 
  2. Lacerations 
  3. Strains 
  4. Contusions 
  5. Abrasions

Even if you’re involved in a minor bike crash, there may be certain serious issues that you don’t realize right away. It is best to get these minor injuries checked to avoid medical issues that might often present themselves days or weeks after the accident. Head injuries are something that most individuals ignore, but they are serious things to consider. For instance, on falling down your brain could be bleeding and you won’t even realize it. After the accident, if you feel any kind of pain when breathing, this demands a mandatory visit to the emergency room. A cracked rib, while it may appear to be minor, can puncture your lung, which is a very serious issue. 

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