11 Ways to Create More Time to Ride

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Making the most of your limited time in a day is a critical job to perform. Prioritizing your time to perform activities will not only make you happy but will also keep you sane and active, and will also probably make you more efficient and effective when tackling the fewer fun parts of your schedule and to-do lists. Here are 11 ways in which you can create more time to ride your bicycle:

1. Utility riding 

If your place of essentials is nearby, it would be best to take out the bike. The best part about using the bicycle all the time for errands or other things reduces the running costs on your car. Those short journeys via your car are bad for the engine wore and tear, and as well as the environment. This way you can easily get your work done without being stuck in traffic and also be fit and healthy. 

2. Early bird

Develop a healthy habit of being an early riser and getting out of your house for a cycle ride in the neighborhood. It is good to take in some fresh air early in the morning and walk the path of effective fitness. This way you can get ready for the rest of the day without needing to think of your health at the end of the day. 

3. Ride till office 

This is a routine that you have to undertake if you’re passionate about riding. If your office has a changing room, this would be the best option as you won’t end up with pumping endorphins and with no energy left. Invest in a good commuter bike for such a purpose. 

4. Basic grocery shopping 

Getting stuck in traffic while going to fetch some groceries from the nearby store can be frustrating. Thus, it would be best to take out the bike for covering short distances and also increase the ride time of your day. 

5. Pedal plan 

If you have a very tight schedule, it would be best to priorly plan your cycle ride on the weekends and inform all your friends about it. This way you can go for a ride without any interruptions from work and friends on the weekends. 

6. Weather effective plan 

It is very easy to blame the weather for not going out for a bicycle ride. In such a case, it would be prudent on investing in some effective wet weather riding gear and make the most of it.  

7. Digital detox 

Stop undertaking activities which unnecessarily eat up your free time. For instance, surfing through social media for hours can never be a productive use of time. It would be prudent to follow the principle of Digital Detox for at least a week so that you can easily increase your ride time. Use your previously wasted time to getting on the bicycle or on the trainer. 

8. Training ride

A trainer bike is the best option for you if you love riding the bicycle but are never able to take out time in your busy schedule. Plan an effective training schedule so that you can use the time on the trainer to make sizable gains in your riding time. If you’re a busy businessman, you can easily take your calls while exercising on the trainer. 

9. See the light 

Introduce lights on your bicycle so that when you are riding with your mates you can see the road clearly and not end up falling in a ditch. It would be prudent to wear clothes with reflective panels so that you can easily be spotted by other road users. Plan your route every day and knock out some laps so that you can make the most of it with all your alertness. 

10. Go on a bike holiday 

If you’re alone, it would be best to go on vacation to nearby cities on the bicycle instead of the car. Taking your bike on a vacation is a great means to achieve more time for raiding. Look for riding opportunities when going out and have fun while riding on diverse paths. 

11. Take advantage of your travel 

Following this step will help you in getting rid of your procrastinating habits and make the most of it during free time. Quit wasting time on Facebook and Candy Crush and instead take out the bicycle and go for a ride, making better use of your time. 

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